A longtime friend recently sent me an email asking what kind of discipleship programs we have for one-on-one and small groups. Here's the answer I worked up for him. Let us know how we can help you too! -- Patrick Morley

Here are several options to consider for your group:

1. Let Pat Teach Your Group: You can use The Man in the Mirror Video Bible Study, which offers you 35 different series on every conceivable topic, including The Man in the Mirror Remix in 24 sessions, but A LOT of other short series, too. Peruse the offerings here.

2. Do a Book Study: Take them through the book, The Man in the Mirror. You can also browse a total of 22 books all with discussion questions here.

3. Use Our Daily Devotional: Consider Equipping the Man in the Mirror, our daily men's devotional magazine which has a nifty small group plan. Order hard copies here or go to www.issuu.com and type "equipping" in the search window for the online version.

4. Do a Workbook: If you prefer doing workbooks you can find a gaggle of topics here, including Getting to Know the Man in the Mirror and the Season of Rebuilding.

5. Choose From 18 CD and 5 DVD Series: We have numerous CD and DVD series. I particularly like The 10 Questions That Trouble Every Thinking Man and Spiritual Disciplines for the Man in the Mirror, both in DVDs. Of course, you can always do the series that started it all, The Man in the Mirror Remix. And if you click the "CD series" link you'll find 18 different robust series.

6. Enroll in the Journey to Biblical Manhood: A complete yet flexible plan to disciple all the men in your church. It's ideal for small groups or one-on-one discipleship. No special training is required to get started. There is no charge to enroll. Click here to learn more.

7. Start Your Own Group: On the "Leading a Group" page you can accept the challenge to lead your own group by pledging yourself to the same Group Leader Job Description we use for The Man in the Mirror Bible Study Leaders here in Orlando! Start a group here.

There's more, too! You can go to www.maninthemirror.org and just click around. If you can't find what you want, call us at 407-472-2100 or email patrickmorley@maninthemirror.organd we'll connect you with a Ministry Consultant.

Yours for changed lives,
Patrick Morley, PhD

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